About Us


Meet the Owners

 Dave & Jodi

Dave & Jodi are a husband/wife duo who rely on their PURPOSE of “Supporting your AUTHENTIC SELF” in everything they do.
They live their lives on the following VALUES:
Creativity & Inspiration: We strive for creativity and inspiration, through our creating, teaching and educating.

Authenticity & Vulnerability: We are true to ourselves and beliefs - in everything we do and support individual’s authentic selves through our custom work.

Hustle & Fun: The foundation of our business & marriage is built on an intense work ethic and having fun while hustling.

Relationship Driven: The WANTS and NEEDS of our customers, network, friends and family - drives our decisions.




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Follow this husband/Wife Duo who have a
passion for re-imagining, redesigning, re-purposing furniture,
home décor, and homes to be AUTHENTIC to the individual! 

On this channel they will show BEFORE, AFTERS, and HOW-TO's on so many items!