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We support your AUTHENTIC SELF through:

  • Furniture Flips: Customer owns a piece of furniture and would like it upcycled to match their home design.

    We specialize in painting furniture and at times do some staining (top of a desk or kitchen table). Changing out hardware also can be done.

  • Custom Projects: Customer wants something to be made to meet their needs. Examples include: Baby/Dog Gates, Address Displays, Shutters, Window/Flower Boxes, Floating Shelves, Feature Walls, etc
  • Home/Business Renovations: Customer has a project(s) to be completed on the interior or exterior of their home. This could range from deck updates to bathroom/kitchen renovations, to painting kitchen/bathroom cabinets, to design work.
  • General Contracting: Customer owns property (home, studio or office/boutique) and we manage the process (from Design, to Contractors, to Demo, to labor, to Installation, to Staging)

Complete an Estimate Form w/ details of your project to start the estimation process.